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Sproutcore training with Erich Ocean: A Review

So today I took took the day off work, and attended Erich Ocean's Sproutcore training session that he's been posting on the Sproutcore mailing list. I figured that since Erich is the only source that I have seen for training, and since he also is the one who has put forward the book proposal that it would be a good oportunity to improve my skill in the Sproutcore world. This article is an account of my experience. Hopefully it will help you decide whether to attend his next class.


The class mainly took the form of Erich talking though diagrams or code via screen-sharing, and answering questions inputted into a chat window as we were going along. This was accomplished using GoToMeeting's GoToTraining software.

This format generally worked quite well. There were 23 people who showed up for the class, so initially I was a little worried that the chat would be too busy. However only 6 or 7 people really actively participated in the chat, so it was easy to get my questions answered. The only downside to the setup was that the audio (and I think the video) kept going out on Erich's side. This happened about ~10 times over the 4 hour period, where it seemed like his network connection just died. Overall though I didn't find it to be terribly painful, and it was a small price to pay in order to be able to get training in my pajamas, and from my own home.

In our case, because Erich was on the road he wasn't recording our particular session, but he did say that he was going to give us access to a previously recorded session, which had the same content.


The content was broken down into three sections, which covered the follwing material:

Sproutcore MVC


Miscelanious Topics


The class was billed as a course that would "permanently change how you think about application construction and coding with a unique, visual explanation of the MVC architecture in SproutCore", and I think for the most part it accomplished it's goals in that regard. Erich clearly was both very knowledgeable about Sproutcore, and very opinionated. He was not merely content to layout the way things are in Sproutcore, but desired to impart to his students how he thought they could improve the structure of their applications. It was this opionated approach that I think was the class's greatest benefit, although it left me with several questions.

For instance, Erich said that any view that is going to be drawing content should be a custom view, and that one should never extend those views from anything but SC.View. This viewpoint astounded a large number of people in the class, and several people expressed that they felt that their entire application had been built on faulty ideas. When some said that they liked the idea of moving away from html, Erich suggested that they might find Cappuccino to be a better fit than Sproutcore. This was all the more shocking although it certainly necessitated transforming about how one should think about building their view layer.

This was not the only place that what Erich said seemed to stray from the "suggested way" that I have seen in working through the wiki tutorial. The following are a couple more examples:

I point these things out not because I disagree with them, but because I'm not sure if I'm qualifed at this point to even have an opinion on these issues. The class certainly challeged me in that regard, but it also left me with a distict feeling that I wasn't getting the "Sproutcore way", but the Erich Ocean's way. Perhaps this is exactly what I need - only time will tell- but for the time being, it left me with more questions than answers - particularly about how people on the core team view Erich, and his approach.

Having said that, I certainly felt that I got something from the course. The content was engaging and well prepared, and it was fun to work through the material. The training materials on Sproutcore are definatly lacking, and so to have the oportunity to watch, and talk with Erich for 4 hours was a steal of a deal at double what I was charged. I would certainly recomend the course to others, just go into the class knowing your getting an opinionated lesson.

EDIT - 2011-01-29

Couple points of clarification:

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